The Tasman Center offers in-person and online opportunities for those seeking meaningful, accessible, and personalized Jewish learning, community classes & gatherings, spiritual coaching and rabbinic support. Programs and events incorporate various modalities of expression and engagement with Jewish practice and creative expression, including writing, visual art, mixed-media art, meditation, yoga, poetry, rabbinic and modern texts and participant offerings. We welcome participants who are exploring Judaism, new to Jewish practice, part of an interfaith Jewish couple or family, or if you have been Jewish your whole life and are looking to deepen your practice.

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Life Coaching Through a Jewish Lens & Private Learning

Rabbi Sarah Tasman works with private clients as an educator, spiritual counselor, and coach. How do you want Judaism or spiritual practice in your life in a meaningful way? How do you want to share your spiritual practice with your partner who may be from a different faith? How do you want to deepen your practice at this time in your life? Whether you are new to Judaism as an adult, exploring an interfaith Jewish partnership, want to deepen your spiritual practice, or are looking for coaching from a Jewish lens, please be in touch.

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Life Cycle Rituals  & Ceremonies

Rabbi Sarah creates customized, authentic, personalized and meaningful Jewish ritual experiences for individuals couples and families from all different Jewish backgrounds and interfaith families. Contact Rabbi Sarah about your upcoming wedding, baby naming, or other life transition you are looking to mark.


Creative Community Gatherings & Events

Group learning opportunities include Shabbat gatherings, classes, holiday workshops, and seasonal retreats that incorporate Jewish spirituality and creativity, yoga and meditation. Signature courses and topics include cultivating a spiritual life, building a Jewish home, living in alignment with the Jewish calendar, and the new moon cycle.

Upcoming Opportunities

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A New Moon series incorporating Jewish Spirituality, Seasonal Wellness & Creative Expression

  • Candle lighting Ritual
  • Learning and Discussion
  • Meditation and/or gentle yoga (for all levels)
  • Creative Writing and/or Art
  • Closing Ritual

Open to all backgrounds and all genders.

Center for Mindful Living 4708 Wisconsin Ave Washington DC 20016 Second Floor

Join us on Saturday nights October 26, November 16, December 21, January 25, March 21, April 18, May 30, and June 20.

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Blessings for the Month of Cheshvan!

Each month will feature original writings and intentions from Rabbi Sarah based on Jewish wisdom and the Jewish calendar, which coincide with the moon cycle and the seasons. Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan/the new moon of the Hebrew month of Cheshvan began Tuesday night October 29, 2019. Each month is an opportunity for reflections, taking stock, checking in, and learning. Each month contains deep yet simple wisdom. Read more about the holidays, teachings, and intentions for the season on Rabbi Sarah's blog page called Writings.

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Mazel Tov to Sam and Danielle who will be married tomorrow night. We did the Ketubah signing today, on Friday. Their Ketubah was hand painted by the bride's sister in law and the text was a beautiful reflection of their commitment and intentions. I love working with wedding couples - from ceremony planning to premarital counseling to navigating interfaith decisions and family dynamics. What a privilege to guide couples through this amazing time in their loves. Shabbat Shalom! . . . . . . . . . #weddings #lifecycle #ketubahsigning #ketubah #marriage #dcwedding #washingtondc #washingtondcwedding #weddingofficiant #lifecycle #celebrate #jewishmindfulness #jewishcreativity #ritual #commitment #whatrabbisdo #hiddurmitzvah

This week I'm grateful for sunny days this week even though we changed the clocks back. Grateful for lunch and coffee catch up dates with friends in between busy work days. Grateful for upcoming opportunities I am excited to be involved with. Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom and lovely weekend. What are you grateful for this week?

This weekend we roll the clocks back to end Daylight Saving Time. We loose an hour of light in the late afternoon just at the time year when it's already getting darker an hour earlier than it was a couple of months ago. I have a really hard time with this every year. The earlier sunrise doesn't help me. I've struggled with SAD/ seasonal affective disorder for years and it's real. *** Yes, I've tried SAD lamps/light therapy, nature, getting outside. I'm not looking for suggestions but if you experience this too or resonate let me know. *** Even in the face of this, I find a gratitude practice to be important and valuable. This week I'm grateful for a lot: -a wonderful Align workshop and WellBodies session this week -seeing J.S. Ondara in concert at Sixth & I on Wednesday night -Joining my friend Elana and her family for trick or treating and dinner -Great colleagues and collaborators I feel lucky to work with -Thoughtful wedding couples and families I get to guide and officiate life cycle events - Excitement and support for my upcoming workshops in my hometown and friends will attend (and the retreat having so many advance sign ups we need a wait list!) - a supportive husband who knows when I need I need extra hugs and funny gifs -parents who enjoy brainstorming with me and hearing about what I'm teaching -an awesome program assistant @stephrose1620 -and much much more *** Wishing you all a sunny, crisp, beautiful fall Shabbat Shalom and lovely weekend

A delicious potluck meal last night in the Sukkah! Thank you to yoga & ayurveda teacher @debbie_helfeld for hosting this seasonal meal. The serving bowls are hand made pottery by Debbie too! #seasonal #sukkot #jewishcreativity #ayurveda #homemade #harvest #pottery

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Through yoga, meditation, and Jewish learning, Rabbi Sarah has taught me to connect with my breath, observe my body’s changes to the seasons, and set meaningful intentions. Rabbi Sarah approaches Judaism in a way that makes her courses accessible to all, using tenants of loving kindness, spiritual renewal, and creating community. -Dani S.

Rabbi Sarah's Meditation's on Soundcloud

Check out Rabbi Sarah's library of recorded guided mindful meditations to help you find a quiet moment for relaxation and reflection.