Relationship Resources

All relationships take energy. Learn the tools to de-stress, create a vision for your relationship, and incorporate more healthy communication practices. I highly recommend the following resources.

I polled 1,500 people about their best relationship advice — and everyone said the same thing by Mark Manson — the best article I’ve read this year about relationship advice

How Meditation Can Help You De-Stress During Wedding Planning — or help you de-stress in your daily life which will not only help you but have an added benefit of you being more calm and open in your relationships.

Imago Relationships International and Imago Center DC

Premarital and Pre-Commitment Counseling and Getting the Love You Want Weekend Workshop

John Gottman Workshops and books including 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work

The 5 Love Languages

Love and Religion: And Interfaith Workshop for Jews and their partners in Washington, DC