Biyyur Hametz: A Rosh Chodesh Nisan Fire Burning Ritual

Mitzrayim “The Narrow Place”

•In the Jewish Lunar Calendar, we welcome the month of NISSAN. It falls around the same time as Passover which is the end of the month and lasts till early April. We start counting spiritually, this month but what does this mean? It means we’re given an intention to take space and carve out time for our “spiritual self.” To shed what is no longer serving us and in some ways, we’re able to break the chains of what is confining us and/or holding us back.

•Today, I attended a Rosh Chodesh gathering through The Tasman Center where we did a ritual that I felt drawn to. I’ve done it before but this was different. During this “spiritual workshop” we were invited to write down things that are no longer serving us (our own “spiritual pharaohs” per se). We were inspired to either observe our own virtual burning or actual light a fire and do this cleansing ritual. I knew I needed to take this time and space. I went outside in the WOODS. Truly, i feel most alive when I’m in nature and with everything going on (moving from CO to MI). This is what I needed. As soon as I stepped outside, gathered the pieces of paper with my words on them...I felt something. I was ready to let go...light a shed the past, to burn what is no longer serving me and make space for what is.

•The time of COVID and Winter was quite a dark place, it was lonely and uncertain. At times, I wasn’t sure where I was going but I know right now that this feels right. Taking time to heal, to process and SLOW down is where I need to be. I am done letting the confines of my own “mitzrayim” my fears, my insecurities, the past, my old life. I welcome and make space for my confidence, my power and this new life, new beginning.

•After every word or collectively I recite, Dibarti “have spoken.” In the circle, those in the circle recite back, Shemati “I have heard.” I encourage you to do the same either by yourself or with others. To make that list and watch it burn, to bring anew breath of all the possibilities. What are your inner spiritual pharaohs? What do you need to break free from? What do you need to make space for?