Av New Moon.jpg

Chodesh Tov!

According to the Jewish calendar, each month begins on the new moon and is a time for learning about the wisdom of that month and setting an intention. Each month has attributes and characteristics that often correspond to the season. The month of Av falls at the height of summer in the northern hemisphere and can be a difficult month. The holiday of Tisha B'Av (the 9th of Av) commemorates the destruction of the Temple and many terrible things in history. For many, the three weeks leading up to Tisha B'Av are considered a time of mourning. However, the energy of the month shifts on the full moon as we celebrate Tu B'Av (the 15th of Av) or the closest thing to Jewish Valentines Day when matches were made. It may feel like a roller coster of emotions as we move from brokenness to wholeness, destruction to love. Notice your energy and emotions.