Chodesh Tov for Kislev

With the new moon, we begin the Hebrew month of Kislev. Just like the moon, we go through phases and cycles. Pausing to notice where we are in the moon cycle gives us an opportunity to check in with ourselves. One thing I love about the practice of observing, celebrating and learning about Rosh Chodesh (the Jewish wisdom of the new moon), is that there is so much connection: the themes of the month often connect to the seasons and as well as what is going on in the Jewish calendar and year cycle.

With the new moon of Kislev, we can really feel a shift towards winter as the nights grow longer and darker as we move towards Hannukah on the 25th of Kislev. One major theme of Kislev is tapping into and kindling dreams, both the ones that happen when we sleep and the ones we envision when we're awake. Every Torah portion this month contains dreams.

What have you been dreaming of lately?

What are the dreams you are nurturing this month?