How a Gratitude Practice Helps Me Get Through the End of Daylight Saving Time

This weekend we rolled the clocks back to end Daylight Saving Time. We gained an hour today but now have one less hour of light in the late afternoon just at the time year when it's already getting darker an hour earlier than it was a couple of months ago. This video from John Oliver sums up my feelings exactly:

I have a really hard time with this every year. I The earlier sunrise doesn't help me. I've struggled with SAD/ seasonal affective disorder for years and it's real.

I'm not looking for suggestions but if you experience this too or resonate let me know.

Even in the face of this, I find a gratitude practice to be important and valuable. This week I'm grateful for a lot:

-a wonderful Align workshop and WellBodies session last week

-seeing J.S. Ondara in concert at Sixth & I on Wednesday night

-Joining my friend Elana Premack Sandler and her family for trick or treating and dinner

-Great colleagues and collaborators I feel lucky to work with (Naomi Malka Jodi Jacobson Balis Jane Shapiro Melanie-Prejean Sullivan)

-Thoughtful wedding couples and families I get to guide and officiate life cycle events

- Excitement and support for my upcoming workshops in my hometown and friends will attend (and the retreat having so many advance sign ups we need a wait list!)

- a supportive husband who knows when I need I need extra hugs and funny gifs

-parents who enjoy brainstorming with me and hearing about what I'm teaching

-an awesome program assistant Steph Black

-and much much more