Kenissa Sunrise.jpg

Kenissa Sunrise

This past week I participated in the Kenissa: Cross Training conference at the Pearlstone Retreat Center, outside of Baltimore. On Monday morning, I woke up early to lead services with Kohenet Keshira HaLev Fife. As I was walking to the main building, I noticed the sunrise coming up through the trees about 6:30am as I walked from my cabin to the main building. I loved seeing that breath of pink coming up from the earth in the distance.

For our opening and closing song we chanted Mah Norah HaMakom Hazeh (music by R’ Shefa Gold) with Keshira playing harmonium, which is a verse from this weeks Torah portion meaning “how awesome is this place”. In the book of Genesis, Jacob speaks these words when he wakes up from the dream of the angels going down and up the ladder and his encounter with G*d.

Truly it was an awe-some experience walking and seeing this moment of sunrise, and truly it was awe-some to lead the services together with some one who speaks my soul language, and truly it was awe-some to create a space and invite others in to show up fully as themselves with their strengths and vulnerabilities and they did.

Grateful for this awe-some experience, among many others this past week. With blessings for a Shabbat of peace and awe.