New Moon of Shvat

According to the Jewish calendar, each month begins on the new moon or "Rosh Chodesh" in Hebrew. This time is an opportunity for learning about the wisdom of that month and setting an intention. Each month has attributes and characteristics that often correspond to the season or the holidays that fall during that time.

The month of Shvat begins at night on Sunday, January 6th, 2019 with the new moon, and is also observed and celebrated during the day on Monday, January 7th.

Though the month of Shvat is still in the midst of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, we celebrate the New Year of the Trees with the holiday of Tu BiShevat on the 15th of the month (on the full moon). This holiday celebrates the first blossoming of the almond trees and is a time for planting seeds.

An old adage teaches that the seeds planted in the Hebrew month of Shvat, will bloom in the Hebrew month of Nisan (a few months away in the beginning of springtime).

What seeds of intention are you planting in your heart and in your life? How will you nurture them to grow and bloom?