Planting Seeds for Shevat

For the Month of Shevat, not only did we have a wonderful Align: Art & Spirituality session but I also had the opportunity to teach a session for FedPro, the professional conference for Jewish Federations of North America which gathered hundreds of Federation staff and leaders from around the country.

I led a session called Planting Seeds in Shevat, which was a chance for participants to engage in mindfulness meditation, reflection, creative visioning and sharing with a chevruta partner about an area of personal or professional growth they are focused on for the next few months. Rather than setting long term goals, I encouraged them to focus on a short/medium term intention for the season, something they could nurture and nourish so they would see the growth this spring.

Want to try this creative visioning exercise for yourself? Check out my Tree of Vision exercise in At The Well project's Monthly Moon Manual for Shevat!

May the seeds that are planting in the month of Shevat (in winter) bloom in the month of Nisan (spring time!).


Rabbi Sarah

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