Tragic News of a Shooting in Pittsburgh at Synagogue this Shabbat

I know many of us are still reeling from this mornings news about the shooting at Tree of Life Or L'simcha synagogue in Pittsburgh that happened this morning. The last I heard 11 were killed including 2 police officers. As far as I know, everyone that I know in Pittsburgh is safe, but of course, they are shaken.

It's something that affects so many us - if not all of us. While it happened to their community, and they will be working to repair and heal from this devastating trauma, that pain ripples out from their community and touches us all. Whether we are Jewish or not, whether we live in Pittsburgh or not, whether we knew the victims or their loved ones or not. It touches us because we are human and human life is sacred. An act of hatred like this cuts so deeply into the sense of shalom (peace) and shalem (wholeness) that we strive to create and cultivate in our lives, for ourselves and our families, and in our communities.

Tomorrow, Sunday, October 28th, I'll be joining Pleasance Lowengard Silicki, Rita Stevens and lil omm yoga for a community gathering. I'll be offering some opening words of comfort and blessings for healing. Please join us if you are in need of a space where we can hold each others pain. We are opening this gathering to anyone who wants to join us.

If you want to join us, we are gathering at 3pm-5pm at the BOLD Center in Tenleytown.

Come in comfy clothes to stretch and move, bring a yoga mat and a journal.

4000 Chesapeake St NW, Washington, DC 20016

Feel free to just join us, no RSVP necessary.

If I can be of support to you at this time, please let me know.

Rabbi Sarah Tasman