Welcoming shorter days and miracles with Kislev

Dear Friends,

The new month of Kislev feels like it's coming at the perfect time. As the days get colder and shorter, I'm realizing why we have the impulse bring warmth and light into our homes with holidays like Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. Like everything this year, our ability to pivot and make meaning on a smaller scale will be essential to our enjoyment of the holiday season.

Kislev is also a good time to think about miracles. Oil lasting for eight days might not seem like a miracle, but I actually think the real miracle is the person who noticed the oil hadn't run out. Imagine the surprise of finding the lamp still lit, and then the hope that would build over the course of the week. Each day, looking to the lamp, maybe expecting it to have gone out, and being surprised that it had lasted. And then finally - the realization that it would last long enough for more oil to be retrieved.

We'll be continuing the conversation about warmth during winter days and noticing miracles during our Align: Kislev session this Sunday, November 22nd at 2pm Eastern. You are invited to join us!

Chodesh tov - best wishes for a good month,

Valerie Brown

Community Educator